Melody maestro Matt Henshaw is a music machine. Playing 500 shows in little over 18 months through 7 different countries. His hard work, honest songwriting and voice that has been compared to some of soul music's greats has granted him huge respect on the independent music scene and he has developed a following all over the world.

In just 2 years the highly prolific award-winning singer-songwriter has released 3 EPs, a remix collection, a demo collection and the huge indie chart success 'Easier'.

'Belief Is All' delivered ear-catching hooks over a darker sound and with deeper lyrical content.

And 'Story Man' amalgamates everything about the listening experience you love; honesty, catchiness, mystery and style.  Play it on repeat - you know you want to!

#PeaceLoveAndTea #Easier #BeliefIsAll #StoryMan